0) Leviathan Trilogy

Leviathan, Behemoth, & Goliath

By: Scott Westerfeld

Date Finished: Sometime in December 2011

By Scott Westerfeld

This is not part of my 2012 adventure (See: About), but I read them recently and for the first time, so I thought I’d start here while I finish my first book of the year.

A girl disguised as a boy in the military.  A prince on the run from his own people.  An alternate history of World War I and my very first Steampunk novel.  It’s Britain’s fabricated animals versus Germany’s fighting machines as war spreads rapidly across the globe in a masterful blend of historical and imagined events.  Sometimes Westerfeld’s changes produce the same result as the historical account and sometimes they do alter the direction of the war.  Either way, the changes are specific and effective.  Seriously, Scott Westefeld is a genius.

Deryn knows the risk she’s taking, posing as a boy, but this doesn’t prevent her from being impetuous.  She speaks out of turn, knows things she shouldn’t, fears nothing except discovery, and is fiercely loyal to her country and her friends.  Hearing about the world in Deryn’s voice is hilarious.

Prince Alek feels largely responsible for the war — never mind the fact the world was waiting for an excuse to explode — his family’s problems produced the spark.  As such, he believes it is his destiny to stop the fighting and will do anything, however brash, for that cause.  Jolted out of a sheltered existence, Alek can seem a bit direction-less and almost naive.   But he holds nothing back and acts on the behalf of others rather than play politics.  It is beautiful to watch his story unfold.

A wonderful supporting cast, also a blend of real and imagined people, play their roles perfectly.  The world we’re introduced to is expansive, expertly wrought, and thrilling.  Simply flawless.

At the end of the day: Really, really, really for me.  All three of them.  Really.

2 thoughts on “0) Leviathan Trilogy

  1. Johanna :) says:

    That sounds cool, Sarah. I love Steampunk but have only experienced it in movies, not novels. Maybe I will give it a try.
    PS Great blog idea! I admire you. 🙂

    • chanisgrace says:

      Thanks Johanna! If you’re at all interested in reading Steampunk, I don’t think there’s a better place to start. Scott Westerfeld is extremely savvy, plus the story is fun.

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