1) City of Bones

Book One of The Mortal Instruments

By: Cassandra Clare

Date Finished: 01.22.12

By Cassandra Clare

A secret society of demon hunters.  Demons are always bad.  Always.  Werewolves, vampires, fairies, warlocks, etc. are usually bad, but sometimes not-so-bad, but mostly it depends on whatever propaganda you’ve been listening to.  And there’s a lot of he-said/she-said going around.  A whiny teenager is thrown into a world that only she can save (presumably — we haven’t actually gotten to that yet).  I am fascinated with the way Clary interacts with her drawings and uses her artistic skills to see the world (possibly because I cannot draw to save my life), but mostly she’s just whiny.

Things I appreciated:
*The avoidance of vagueness for the sake of being mysterious.  If something truly needed to be explained, it was, albeit with a lot of deception included.
*She kept to the traditional lore involving the “monsters.”  Vampires can’t handle crucifixes, holy water, or sunlight.  Werewolves can’t handle silver (although they can gain a degree of control over their transformations — a necessary deviation, I think).  With so much new mythology to sort through, I’m glad any established “rules” stayed intact.
*Luke.  He’s a really cool dude.  I want to read his book.
*To be fair, it picked up significantly at the end.  Actually, it picked up for me when Luke reappeared.  Coincidence?  You decide.

At the end of the day: Not for me, really.

Your Thoughts?

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