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11) Palace of Stone (Preview)

Sequel to Princess Academy

By: Shannon Hale

Date Finished: 04.24.12

Wait, this book doesn’t come out until August 21, 2012, you say?  Let me explain.  About a month ago Shannon Hale hosted a giveaway on her blog — four randomly chosen commenters would receive an advance copy of the book.  I never, ever expected to win, but I entered for the fun of it.  And I actually won.  I am still reeling.  I’ve never won anything interesting in my life.  Hale did have a requirement for the winners though — they had to read it and like it.

Easiest. Obligation. To fulfill. Ever.

I don’t want to do a full post at this time, but my first impressions are safely saved away in my documents.  Sometime after the book is released, I will upload them to here.  I didn’t have to read the book to recommend it, but now my claims are substantiated: Pre-order this book!  In the meantime, read the first one, Princess Academy, especially if you haven’t already.  And when August comes, re-read Princess Academy and go straight into Palace of Stone.  They are perfect together!