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2012 Year in Review

Okay, so I didn’t quite make it to 50…

But I still call the experiment a success because I read about 17 more new-to-me books than a normal year.  That is, I read:

*19 new books
*13 new authors
*6 books out of my favored genre
*8 five-star books
*4 four-star books

Makes for a pretty good year : )  This project did teach me that when reading a book for the first time, I have trouble setting it down.  I tried reading a chapter before going to bed or on my 30 minute lunch break, but it’s rough.  If I like the book, I don’t notice that the chapter has finished or I have to stop in the middle of something great.  If I don’t like the book, it’s that much harder to return to it and press on.  However, it is often harder to find the time to read a book properly, that is in several hour chunks.  Finding a balance there is something I hope to achieve going forward.

This year, I think perhaps a 50-book goal is a bit… ambitious, so I’ll be aiming for 25 instead.  Good news is, I have the first one of 2013 ready to go.