16) Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish

By: David Rakoff

Date Finished: 10.11.13

by David Rakoff

This is the second book that was chosen for Book Club — and I know for certain that I got the correct book this time.

There’s not much I feel comfortable saying about this one.

It’s a novel written in rhyming couplets, which is quite the feat and a stylistic marvel.

Content-wise?  I found it extremely desolate.  Only one character (the one who was dealt the harshest hand of cards) had a redeeming arc.  The others just moved from one form of emptiness to another.  Yes, in many ways this book gives a very realistic picture of American life, but that only makes it more bleak.

At the end of the day: Not for me

Your Thoughts?

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