New Page: Ratings

I’ve been noticing for a while that several qualifiers have crept into my “At the end of the day” conclusions.  I’ve mentioned that I don’t like to choose favorites, and apparently categorizing is troublesome as well.  I finally came up with a logical “ratings” system, for lack of a better term, and have added a separate page called… Ratings!  Here’s what works for my brain:

Hardcover = Loved, want to keep forever
Paperback = Enjoyed, want to keep around
E-book = Worth the read, but not life-changing
Library = Worth the read, but not the dollars
Walk On By = Not my flavor

Obviously, this is just as subjective as anything else that’s my opinion, but it seems more tangible than a handful of stars.  This isn’t based on what I actually own, rather on what level of cash I’d be willing to shell out.  Also, I’m doing this for the new reads on the blogs since it would be redundant to list the re-reads.

So check it out, especially if you are interested in reading any yourself and trust my taste 😉  If not, the library or a used bookstore is always a great option!

Your Thoughts?

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