20) We Were Liars

By: E. Lockhart

Date Finished: 06.19.14

by E. Lockhart

He was contemplation and enthusiasm.  Ambition and strong coffee.

If you want to live where people are not afraid of mice, you must give up living in palaces.

Once upon a time there was a wealthy man who owned an island off the coast of Massachusetts.  Each summer, the whole family would gather on the island and enjoy the leisure of their riches.  Cadence is the first grandchild in the mighty Sinclair family, and is enraptured by a forbidden love.  From birth, the Sinclair children are conditioned to bury their flaws and emotions deep inside but Cadence longs to express herself, to feel something real.  She digs for the truth, not realizing how dark the truth is.

This is an impossible book to describe without revealing too much.  I expected the narrator to be unreliable and she was to a degree but for the most part, she told the story as accurately as she could.  The dishonesty lies in the family party line: No one is broken.  No one is hurting.

Style-wise it’s a masterpiece.  The book has a very specific, well, cadence to it.  Occasionally, Lockhart will break up a sentence into lines like poetry.  Most of the sentences are short, utilizing language that packs a punch.  In many ways, it is poetry masquerading as prose.  As the narrator, Cadence often presents vivid metaphors as fact.  There are a few possible metaphors that might have been completely true – even now, I don’t know what to believe.  Also, the timeline is ambiguous, revealing the story inside out almost.  I was swept up away by the style before I realized the depth of the plot.

I am so grateful I read this book, even though it lies far outside my usual choices.  I fear giving things away by saying any more, so I will end here.  Trust me, you want to experience these surprises firsthand.

At the end of the day: Really, really, really for me

2 thoughts on “20) We Were Liars

  1. This sounds really good.

  2. eilidhbyrne says:

    Reblogged this on Eilidh Byrne and commented:
    If you are looking for a book to read this weekend, I suggest ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart!

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