24) Poison

By: Bridget Zinn

Date Finished: 08.17.14

by Bridget Zinn

It was the most ridiculous thing in the entire world: Kyra, would-be assassin and master potioner, had resorted to hunting down her prey — her best friend the princess — with a piglet.

The quote above says it all.  Kyra has taken on an impossible task in order to save the kingdom from a danger that only she knows is coming.  The piglet is her only hope of setting things right, but will it be enough?

Oh, I loved this book.  Kyra is a fireball, the princess is unexpected, and the mysterious, handsome guy is both wonderful and hilarious.  It’s a fantasy tale that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and leaves room for the ridiculous, even in the rush to save the world.  I was enraptured from the first few pages.

Zinn has a delightful way of letting the story unfold, and manages to drop in surprises until the end.  Writing-wise, this book is an excellent example of sneaking backstory into action.  In this case, I want to be hush-hush about the details not because spoilers would ruin the story, but because it would diminish Zinn’s brilliant delivery.

Kyra quickly earned her place among my top-notch heroines.  She has a penchant for making situations way more complicated than they need to be, yet her determination is unwavering.  This is a girl who can admit her mistakes while stubbornly pursing a path that contradicts everyone else, a marvelous jumble of flawed virtues and virtuous flaws.

The biggest problem with this book?  It’s the only one we’ll ever get from Zinn as she passed away before this was published.  Only a few chapters in, I was making plans to drop everything and read everything else she’s written.  In the absence of other books, I found some lovely stories about Zinn online, and will point you to this one in particular at Publisher’s Weekly.

I didn’t know how much I wanted a lighthearted fantasy with a hardcore heroine until I started reading this book.  I am so grateful my sister put this one in my hands because it is oh, so refreshing.

At the end of the day: Really, really for me

2 thoughts on “24) Poison

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay!!! I knew you’d love it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. (-:

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