This project started in 2012 when I discovered Goodreads and their yearly reading challenge.  I dove in head first, planning to read 50 new-to-me books.  I didn’t get close to 50, but it was just what I needed to plunge me back into the world of reading.

In 2013, I dropped the number to 25 and came very close to finishing — but not quite!

This year, I stuck with the goal of 25, but decided to mix in re-reads as well.  The emphasis is still on new books, but I was missing my old friends.

What’s posted here are my first impressions — why I would or would never pick it up again.  I aim to be respectful, but honest.  I tend to discuss the writing more than the story, in an attempt to avoid spoilers, of course, but also because that’s what interests me.  My credentials are limited — a lifetime of reading and several years dissecting plays as a theatre artist — so I’m just jotting down what clicks for me.

There’s no rhyme or reason to my choice of books or the order in which I’m reading them.  My main interests are fantasy and young adult fiction, so that’s where most of the titles will be concentrated.  However, this project is intended for me to branch out and that includes reading different genres.  If you have any suggestions, I will gladly add them to my ever expanding list.

So just like a book jacket, you can take it or leave it, but you are welcome to join me on my journey through the splendid world of books.

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  1. I am so happy to see this!

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